Some interesting movie facts (random)

Here are some randomly picked movie facts :

Facts :

  • More than 17,000 British and American child auditioned for the role of harry potter.
  • For the Joker look, Heath Ledger brought his makeup from a drug store.
  • President Trump quoted (In his inauguration speech) batman's villain Bane's line "We give it back to you, the people ".
  • First movie made about The Titanic was released in 29 days after the event.
  • Godzilla is an official citizen of Japan.
  • The Lion king was originally called as "king of the jungle".
  • President Donald Trump has a cameo in Home alone 2.
  • The horse head used in The God father was a real horse head, not a prop.
  • Henry cavill almost missed the phone call for the role of superman. because He was playing "world of warcraft".
  • Bruce wayne (Batman) is a part owner of the Daily Planet, where clark kent (Superman) works.

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