Far cry 5 rumors and news

As everyone knows far cry is a open world first-person shooter game series and it is set to released before 2018. here are some interesting news and rumors about the game -

Teaser trailer

On Monday, 22nd may ubisoft released the first teaser trailer of the far cry 5 game. the 40 sec. trailer doesn't tell much about the story and we have to wait until 26th may to know more about the game.

News And Rumors

Rumors suggested that we were heading to 19th century America for a Spaghetti Western. And after watching the teaser trailer of the game we came to know that the mid-western American setting is certainly accurate and we know we're heading to Hope County Montana.

Release date

Far Cry 3 was released in November 2012, Far Cry 4 was in November 2014. And Far Cry Primal was released in February 2016.So according to this pattern we could expect the Far cry 5 to be released in 2018 or later this year.

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