5 Facts From Harry Potter That You’ve Never Noticed

Everyone loves Harry Potter, don’t they? I think everyone must think once in his/her life about the wonderful world of Hogwarts school. Don’t you ever think about it once ? However, one of the wonderful things about the iconic series of books and films is that we have learned a lot from it, the beauty of friendship and relations, bonding between friends in hard ups and downs in life, good and bad things about the persons.

1. Snape’s mind reading ability (legilimens) right from the start.

Professor Snape, the best character i found till now, has the ability to read mind of persons since the first movie of series, The Philosopher’s Stone. Harry potter and his friends always got a horrible feeling about him.Later in the series, we find out that Snape is a skilled Legilimens and can, in fact, read mind.

2. Fred and George pelted Lord Voldemort with snowballs when they were 13, and they didn’t even know it.

Do you remember Fred and George ? The twin brothers , yeah Right !!!! During their Christmas holiday at Hogwarts in Philosopher’s Stone, they were using several snowballs to follow Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turbon.

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