5 Facts About Call Of duty: WW2 You Should Know!

Call Of Duty: WW2 is the most awaited game of 2017. It will be coming out November 3, Friday.Here is 5 Fact You Should Know:

1. No Jetpack !

Activation confirms it will boot on a ground gameplay, not any jetpack or something like that.

2. Campaign

The campaingn will be take place  Europe from 1944 to 1945. You can also feel the moment of D-Day.Cool right?

3. Single Story

You play as 19 years old  "Red Daniel".Not  Globe Hoping like previous Call of Duty Game

4. No Auto Recover Health

You will not get recover just hiding in some place.You must go to the medic for your health get back.

5. A Private Multiplayer Beta

First multiplayer will release in PS4 Just like last year and you can get access to this by preorder it.

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