Tricky questions that you can ask someone

Trick questions are best way to workout for your brain, the more you use your brain, the more it gets sharp. Here are some tricky questions you can ask somebody and you can try it on yourself. So there is the questions :

1. A little boy kicks a soccer ball. It goes 5 feet and comes back to him, How is this possible?

Ans: It's because of gravity, he kicked it up.

2. X is the father of Y. But Y is not the son of X. How’s that possible?

Ans: Y is the daughter 

3. A truck driver is going down a one way street the wrong way, and passes at least ten cops. Why is he not caught?

Ans: He was not driving, he was walking on the sidewalk. 

4. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

Ans: You will never find an elephant with one hand.

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