Amazing Facts About Bangalore : the garden city

Bangalore or bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka. It is the 3rd most popular city in India. It is also known as 'Indian Silicon Valley' due to its role as the country's leading exporter of information technology.

The facts are-

  • Town has the perfect progress cost for any city in a span of two decades. This fact facets out the beauty of town as a favored investment destination. The price of return is excessive and nearly assured.
  • There are 212 software companies, 21 engineering schools among which is the Bangalore institution that has a whopping 57 engineering faculties affiliated to it, and the absolute best quantity of application specialists on the earth; you will find why the town is referred to as the Silicon Valley of India.
  • Apart from IT, Bangalore is also the fashion capital of the East. It has as many fashion firms as Paris, if no longer more.
  • Given that being founded in the 2nd century, Bangalore has maintained the drainage & sanitary systems infrastructure that was equipped then...Making it the oldest drainage infrastructure on this planet.
  • 40% of Bangalore's landscape is gardens/parks and 15% lakes/ponds. It also has some of the perfect per capita incomes in India, making it 2nd most effective 2d to the capital

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